Sunday, 13 December 2009

Ring Troubles!

I never realised how ridiculously hard it is to buy rings for small fingers!

As V and I are on a very tight budget I had said that I didn't really need an engagement ring and the wedding ring I shall wear is my great grandmothers wedding ring. However, its slightly to big for me and I don't want it resized or altered as its 22ct gold and around 90 years old. So V decided to buy me an engagement ring as a keeper :) and I worked up some extreme excitement!

On Friday we took to our nearest H.Samuels thinking we'd be able to pick something up. Wrong! 3 hours later and far too many jewellers trawled we established that I have a size H ring finger which is impossibly small and not stocked anywhere. Surely my fingers are not that small?! There must be a bigger market for small ring sizes!

I was assured by many jewellers that I could place a special order for size H but one store told me I'd have to wait till after christmas and another then informed me it was not possible to place that order due to it being the christmas period (... ahem...H.Samuels..). Is that not the strangest business ethic?! It was the same wait for ring resizing as well, I was thoroughly disheartened and resigned myself to wait until the New Year.

However, yesterday whilst shopping in our little town we couldn't help but browse in the windows of a tiny local jewellers. I saw the prettiest ring and V took me inside to ask what size it was, I didn't get my hopes up, and it was far to big. Then the wonderful wonderful lady serving said that she could have it resized for us if we were able to wait 10 minutes. We couldn't believe it. Ten minutes later I became the ecstatic wearer of a perfectly resized, size H, gold, diamond set engagement ring for a lot less than £100!

Thank you Gemini Jewellers!!!

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